Soulmates has become one of the leading special occasion lines for Mother of the Bride or Groom. Their dresses and accessories can be found in the finest specialty stores across the country. Their hand-crocheted silk dresses are sewn by artisans throughout the Chinese countryside. Soulmates offers one of the greatest fashion values to be found. These garments are lined with 100% silk and provide the unique characteristics of comfort, luxury, and elegance. Due to the nature of silk, the colors they offer are bright and clear. They also provide a tremendous breadth of colors for you to choose from.

       Items include:

Soulmates Tank Top C3105 image

Soulmates Tank Top C3105

Price: $113.99

Soulmates Tank Top C3108 image

Soulmates Tank Top C3108

Price: $79.99

Soulmates Tank Top C3109 image

Soulmates Tank Top C3109

Price: $79.99

Soulmates Scarf C8133 image

Soulmates Scarf C8133

Price: $109.99