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Suit yourself in the finest Women’s Church Suits available from the best designers in the industry! French Novelty proudly provides a variety of popular designers from which to choose. When you need to look your best, French Novelty offers a range of styles, colors, sizes, fabrics, with or without matching hats to meet your needs. The Ben Marc Collection which includes Fifth Sunday, Knits, Misty Lane, and Group Usher suits offer beautiful outfits for your next occasion. From basic Church Suits to attractive and chic styles, there is a Ben Marc suit for you at a price you can handle. GMI, a division of Divine Apparel, offers a variety of suits and religious garments for our buyers. Choices include Devine Sport, Dorinda Clark Cole Collection, Nubiano, Regal Robes, and usher suits. Trendy and fashionable shoppers may choose designers Donna Vinci and divisions which include Donna Vinci Suits, Donna Vinci Couture, Donna Vinci Knits, and Lisa Rene Suits. Other suit designers offered are Lily and Taylor and Terramina Collections, which feature Susanna Suits and Annabelle Evening dresses too. For church, synagogue, temple, business meetings, or social events, French Novelty has an appropriate suit at a price you can afford.

French Novelty gladly welcomes group purchases. Contact us at www.frenchnovelty.com or call us toll free (1-866) 594-7766 for details about group orders.

If you are short on time or in a rush, please refer to our In-Stock Church Suits section for suits that we currently have in our physical French Novelty stores. These suits will be sent to you the same day that you place your order!