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    2020 Floral Embroidered

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    Floral Embroidered dresses have always been a popular style and we do not see this trend ending any time soon. You cannot go wrong with this 2020 prom trend. There is something so romantic and whimsical about embroidery, it is an elegant addition to any dress. The levels of detail and variation ensure that there is a dress out there for every girl!

    If you prefer more of a simple look there are many beautiful embroidered dresses featuring thin straps, a form fitting silhouette, or muted colors. For the girl that wants to command attention, a colorful a line dress with bold hues and statement floral embroidery throughout will create that dramatic WOW!

    Floral Embroidery will always be timeless in the design world and we can guarantee that you will exude femininity and beauty in one of these gorgeous dresses. Get ready to give off total sweetheart vibes! Also, we are not responsible for how many hearts you are going to melt at Prom 2k20!