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    Landa Designs Signature Pageant Dresses

    With a collection full of bold, sensual dresses, Landa brings a line of pageant dresses that radiate confident femininity with notes of intimate glamour. These gowns are for the trendy pageant girl who wants to show off her natural beauty and don delicate details to emphasize her form. Landa offers bust-flattering bodices and flirty slits slicing through the sumptuous fabrics. Each dress brings more drama and emphasizes the beauty of the girl wearing it. The intricate patterns, stunning handiwork, glimmering stones, and shimmery fabrics define this designer. Sequins, sparkles, rhinestones and ruffles offer endless variety to satisfy your craving for a show stopping style. Every creation ensures each woman wearing a Landa will have a dramatic entrance as they strut the stage. These gowns are ideal for self-assured women who desire to be the star of the stage and standout from her competition. Without a doubt, eyes are destined to be drawn to you in these infatuating gowns. Whatever gown you flaunt on stage will bring a unique presence and infatuate audiences even after the crown is yours.

    Landa Designs dresses featured on the Knot.