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    Classic looks never go out of style, and a timeless design decked out in lace is no exception. While the great fashion icons of our generation have put lace on the map such as Kate Middleton, this classy fabric is fit for more than red carpet galas and royal affairs. Lace adds a hint of old-fashioned femininity to every gown. There are plenty of classic dresses trimmed in lace or just studded with touches of these sheer, tasteful accents.

    Prom dresses decked out in lace provide can fit just about any dress style. Our selection includes a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, patterns and colors. You’re sure to find a lace gown that completes whatever look you are after. Lace is an alluring material that is effortlessly timeless and easy to wear. Whether you want a little hint of it or a dress lined from head to toe in lace, these top designers are overflowing with options. Some dresses are almost entirely constructed out of lace while others have small lace accents that add the perfect amount of glamour and sophistication.

    When it comes to today's prom dress trends, lace is among the hottest options around. All of the gowns and dresses in this section feature lace in some way. Some will envelope you in layers upon layers of this fabric while others have subtle hints of it here and there. Lace adds pizzazz and glamour to any silhouette. Try Stepping into a form-fitting, lace-accented gown to get your night off to a great start, or try on a sassy, shimmering cocktail-length dress with layers of lace for a fun, unique look. A-line gowns with delicate lace embellishments flatter every figure, and mermaid lace dresses produce dramatic and eye-catching ensembles. From curve-kissing gowns that accentuate your figure to flowing, dream-like A-line’s that forgive flaws effortlessly, the selection at French Novelty is second to none.