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    2019 Modified Ball Gowns

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    If you dreamed of feeling like a Disney princess when you were younger, that dream can still come true with a modified ball gown prom dress! Modified ball gowns are the perfect mix of feeling like a princess, but not taking up all of the room in the limo ride on prom night.

    Most of our modified ball gowns now come with pockets, which make them perfect for carrying around your phone and wallet all night. That way you have easy access to a camera when you and your friends are ready to show off your fabulous gowns.

    Not only do most of the modified ball gowns come with pockets, they are also made in many different fabrics and styles perfect for any personality. From beautiful brocade and elegant lace to dazzling taffeta and shimmering sequins, modified ball gowns cover any style a girl could want. Whether you want something super simple, and classic or one with tons of bling, we have it all.

    This style is timeless and one of our top selling styles for 2019! In 20 years, when you are showing your children your prom pictures, they will dream of a perfect dress like yours. You will not regret shopping at French Novelty for your dream dress!