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    2019 Pockets

    Thankfully, some of this year’s bestselling dresses come with pockets! That’s right, pockets in your prom dress. Finding a place to keep your wallet, keys, and your favorite shade of lipstick on prom night can be super stressful. This makes it so much easier to look glamorous on your prom night, while not having to worry about someone taking a hundred selfies on your phone because you left it at the table. You can even put some snacks in your pockets for the long night ahead.

    Another plus side of prom dresses with pockets is that they come in all styles in order to fit any personality. From sexy dresses with slits, gowns with fabulous fabrics such as mikado, to trendy two pieces, and beautiful princess ball gowns, pockets are designed with all girls in mind. These dresses come with the guarantee that everyone at your prom will want to stop and say, “OMG it has pockets?!”

    Designers such as Sherri Hill, Clarisse and Ellie Wilde, to name a few, are owning this design and we want more! If you love these pockets as much as we do, French novelty is where to shop for your prefect 2019 prom dress!